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Urban runoff (stormwater) is the principle water issue facing Salinas. In this site, you will learn about water quality issues and what you can do to protect our water resources. In the “Resources Tab” there is a link for you to join with us on stormwater program design and implementation.
We encourage your participation.

Stormwater Best Management Practices


Water Quality Tips
For Residents


Water Quality Tips
For Business


Water Quality Tips
For Construction

City of Salinas Energy Conservation Efforts


With approval of a power-purchase agreement for renewable and greater energy efficiency, Salinas has squarely focused on finding the most effective solutions to the current energy situation. The City of Salinas has moved to transition many existing City facilities to renewable energy sources such as solar power, and incorporate energy efficiency practices into existing City facilities.

Salinas Reusable Bag Ordinance

The ordinance applies to any retail establishment selling perishable or non-perishable foods, goods, clothing or personal items to the consumer. Retailers that are exempt from the ordinance include restaurants and other public eating establishments, non-profit thrift stores and establishments producing a service, e.g. dry cleaners and newspaper home delivery.

Environmental Program News

Salinas Completes Installation of Solar Arrays

New Stormwater Campaign Shows Promise

New Water, Waste and Energy Division Formed